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Wentworth Show Society 2019 134th Annual Show




The EMU PUPPETS  Have you heard? They’re back from working the long paddock and ready to bring in the big mob. Riding their giant emus, this Jackaroo and Jillaroo are a whip cracking good time of mustering mayhem and amusement.

Roving Australian animal puppets in the form of inquisitive Emus to delight and surprise your audiences. Professional performers & puppeteers bring the Emus to life. Perfect for events that would like some animal entertainment!

The Emu’s and their riders have performed internationally at Glastonbury, Oerol Festival (Netherlands), Prague Puppet festival, Ghent Puppet Festival, Barcelona Mercat de la Flores, Tarraga (Spain), Christchurch World Buskers Festival and others.

Based in central Victoria, about 1hr from Melbourne they have performed at many Australian community festivals, Moomba, Australian Open, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Australian Grand Prix and more.


Meet the Animals


Invertebrates – We have a large range of native and exotic insects or bugs in all shapes and sizes. We also have spiders, scorpions, phasmids, crustaceans and molluscs.

Reptiles – 
Range of different reptiles species…We have BIG ones, small ones and all sorts of shapes and sizes in between!

Snakes – Various Python Species

Turtles – Australian Freshwater Turtles

Lizards – Geckoes, Dragons, Skinks and Monitor Lizards (Goanna’s)

Crocodiles – Freshwater and Saltwater Crocodiles

Amphibians – Beautiful Green Tree Frogs, Endangered Growling Grass Frogs, the little known about Cave Dwelling Frogs and an ugly introduced pest – “Grouch” the Cane Toad.

PossumBirds – Crazy Kookaburras, Nocturnal Tawny Frogmouth, Majestic Barn Owls, Comical Cockatoos and a mix of Native and Exotic Parrots

Native Marsupials - Cute Possums and Shy Sugar Gliders.

Exotic Animals - Amazing Common Marmoset Monkeys